***3 x DIV II NCAA National Record Holder

**3 x Div II NCAA National Champion

*3 x Div II All-American

*College Graduate; Univ. of Texas

*American Patriot

*Indigo Child

***Firm believer in the POWER of Christ

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 Our CO-Founder  

 Barlcay Farance

***Age-Group World Champion

*Silver, Gold, Eagle Select Camp

*28 x High School All-American

*7 x High School Record Holder

*65thfastest-time in American

  History to date 1/18/2018 in 50 yard freestyle

   as an AGE-GROUP swimmer.

*16 x Collegiate All-American

*6 x DIV II NCAA National Champion

*2 x 2004 Olympic-Trials Qualifier

*2003 NCAA Most Valuable PLAYER

*2004  NCAA National Champion Team CAPTAIN

*1 x 2014 United States Masters Swimming National Champion.

*3 x 2105 Short Course Meters U.S. Masters National Champion.

*College Graduate; University of the Pacific, Golden West College, California State University Bakersfield.

    Major:Criminal Justice

    Minor: Psychology

**American Patriot

***Firm believer in the POWER of Christ

Our Founder &

CEO Robert Charles Dmytrow

About us

“I felt unstoppable today,” Farance said. “I needed to do well today not just for myself but for the team as well. It made it become a priority. I was only thinking of the perfect time and how to do it.”

                                                                          -Bakersfield News