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​1. True kings are disguised as peasants
2. True queens are nurturing everything everywhere
3. Good Kings will gather against him
4. Difficulties make your better not bitter
5. Appropriate to follow all holy righteousness
6. Not just bread but all food
7. Do not put creator to test
8. Serve the Lord and only him
9. Repent kingdom of heaven is here
10. Follow me I make better men
11. Blessed poor are great in spirit
12. Blessed those who mourn are comforted
13. Blessed are meek they inherit earth
14. Blessed who thirst righteousness is fulfilled
15. Blessed are merciful mercy is received
16. Blessed pure heart truth is discovered
17. Blessed peacemakers are god’s holy people
18. Blessed are peacemakers they see god
19. One trillion cells make the human body
20. Sin is always becoming a fad
21. Shine your light upon the world
22. Anyone who says you fool run
23. Worship the lord and only him
24. This is correct to fulfill righteousness’
25. Do well unto others in secret
26. Store your treasures in eternal heaven
27. No one can serve both God, money
28. Each day has enough troubles already
29. Judge and you will be judged
30. Ask for it will be given
31. Your wicked ways lead you astray *
32. Build your temple on a rock
33. You turn away god never strays
34. Who said progress takes long process
35. So what if thinks I _____
36. Died for you die under him
37. You are a very lucky star*
38. Love thy god as thy work
39. You are god’s proud workman ship
40. Positive attitudes are crucial for success*
41. Live peaceably together you work together
42. Conscience is used to reach heaven
43. Faith looks up sorrow looks down
44. Govern your emotions you’ll be governed
45. Understanding life looking backwards living forward
46. Brilliance lives now accept its presence
47. The present is called a gift
48. Friends will bring sadness or joy
49. One way shape form of another
50. Garbage comes in garbage comes out
51. Open your mind shut your mouth
52. Living in negativity is certainly unexpected
53. Patience is essence for thorough change
54. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire
55. To be humble to be exalted
56. Intelligence will ingrain into your DNA
57. Intelligence is to notice and to realize
58. The devil cannot even destroy him
59. You were created to live forever
60. Find your light in this darkness
61. For he desires mercy not sacrifice
62. For he comes to eliminate sinners
63. Fast only when totally absolutely necessary
64. There you go there you are
65. Ignorance is always swift to speak
66. First step wisdom silence then listen
67. Temper is fire out of control
68. It all starts with the desire
69. Patterns thoughts emotions behaviors reactions desires
70. Not the time but the effort
71. Faith is challenging what is perceivable
72. Spreading meaningless information creates useless information
73. Lack of motivation lack of wealth
74. You’re always right but wrong sometimes
75. Progress does not take long process
76. Life takes three mind body spirit
77. Meekness is an attitude that’s required
78. Eyes to see vision to comprehend
79. You see is you can get
80. What I feel what you'll feel
81. Some people want what’s not theirs
82. Save a person promote this company
83. You are master of your destiny
84. My pain will be your pain
85. Happiness is present enjoy the gift
86. What are you how did you
87. Tempted by the fruit of another
88. Nothing lasts forever but us spirits
89. You’re not dead but just mislead
90. Prince of demons drives out demons
91. Daily effort creates more holy power
92. Devil backwards is someone who lived
93. Silence is golden words are priceless
94. Wherever you go there you are
95. To never live happily in conformity
96. You have power to fix all
97. True love is being pure hearted
98. Love each other help each other
99. Don't regret anything regret doing nothing
100. Heal the lost not the found
101. Be on guard devil wants destruction
103. Momentum helps to break free Awaken
104. Blessed is one who doesn’t fall
105. Life is delicious enjoy every bite
106. Create music which has intrinsic value
107. Lawful to do good on Sabbath
108. Every kingdom divided against itself falls
109. Money is necessary to an extent
110. FIEE is great way to live
111. Save time see it my way
112. Household divided against will not stand
113. For good trees bear good fruit
114. Wicked spirits leave return seven stronger
115. Out with old in with new
116. Snakes stay busy but get nowhere
117. Communication transportation information all you need
118. Who ever has will be given more
119. Blessed are eyes because they see
120. Heaven cannot happen with out hell
121. Heaven is the greatest from the smallest
122. This is heavens kingdom secret path
123. Kingdom of heaven is hidden treasure
124. Don’t bring peace rather truth sword
125. Two wrong sides to every story
126. You are master of your destiny
127. My pain will be your pain
128. Not being happy are wasted gifts
129. What are you how did you
130. Tempted by the fruit of another
131. Nothing lasts forever but us spirits
132. Your not dead just a sleep
133. Wake up and realize your potential
134. Lord of harvest sends out workers
135. Devil wants to kill him self
136. Devil wants you to stress out
137. Intelligence Integrity Intensity Involvement Incorporating Integration (Group Chemistry)
138. Silence is golden words are diamonds
139. There you go there you are
140. Wherever you go there you are
141. Dynamite will come in small packages
142. Never regret anything regret doing nothing
143. Heal the lost not the found
144. Believe in your heart first foremost
145. Believe in what you believe in
146. Do bring peace with truth sword
147. Don't be silent announce the truth
148. Blessed is one who doesn’t fall
149. I am gentle and humble hearted
150. To never live happily in mediocrity
151. Life is delicious enjoy every bite
152. The best lessons are hardest learned
153. Your declaration will determine destination
154. Lawful to do good on Sabbath
155. Every kingdom divided against itself falls
156. Money is necessary to an extent
157. 5 is the only way to live
158. Save time see it done FIEE
159. Household divided against will not stand
160. Against Holy Spirit against your-self's self
161. For good trees bear good fruit
162. Principles will create shape our world
163. Out with old in with new
164. Principles will create shape our world
165. Communication Transportation Information all you need
166. Whoever has will be given more
167. Blessed are eyes because they see
168. True faith is blind to impossible
169. Respect your creator he made you
170. Become familiar with the in-between time
171. Kingdom of heaven is hidden treasure
172. True Faith is blind to doubt
173. Two wrong sides to every story
174. People wants what’s not their property
175. Nothing lasts forever but the memories
176. Things aren’t exactly how you perceive
177. Use me to create your reality
178. What brings you to this direction
179. One planet but 7 billion worlds
180. Difficult to overcome easy to fail
181. Your cant have what’s not yours
182. I live for that shiny gaze
183. Create time or pass it by
184. I just stole time from you
185. What do you know for sure
186. You are master of your destiny
187. Even in darkness there is life
188. Be harmonious with nature and I
189. Stay rooted and you shall grow
190. Without some pain happiness cannot exist
191. Change is one thought at a time
192. Part of system part of machine
193. Tell me how you really feel
194. So sweet you can taste me
195. Be aware of your own awareness
196. Are you sleeping or you loving
197. You will only choose to remember
198. Energy is eternal life is eternal
199. Jealousy will be a primitive emotion
200. Jealousy is know as primitive emotion
201. Jealousy is self defeated created pain
202. Hate is know as ignorance revealed
203. Respect is know as accepting difference
204. Love in humans has no face
205. Acceptance is realization of the truth
206. You always hurt ones you love
207. Love takes three blood sweat tears
208. A heart is something worth following (Amber)
209. My pain is your guilty pleasure
210. Living for lust dying for love
211. Whatever is broken will be fixed
212. Live for greed die for money
213. Don’t make plan plan to fail
214. Humans are naturally able to evil
215. Nothing to say get out darkness
216. See it done right before you
217. The wild beast can be tamed
218. Live in fear die for fear
219. Rebel you will live in hell
220. God is a tool use him
221. More to rebel less to love
222. People will see all that’s done
223. More to love more to give
224. Don’t be fake its not true
225. Break the habit live to love **
226. The more difficult the more rewarding
227. Jesus what do I do next
228. Fighting evil daily with truth sword
229. Competition is created to be friendly
230. Habits will be formed in 21 **
231. Being in love being at war
232. Physical beings temporary spirits are eternal
233. Whatever is messy can be cleaned
234. Parents are always cleaning your mess
235. Grape vines will be long lines
236. Fight nature and nature fight you
237. Devil is primitive god is advanced
238. Cant change past but can future
239. You pay for what you are
240. TTT…why you scared
241. 5, wear these cloths for celebration
242. Temper is fire out of control
243. First step wisdom silence then listen
244. Ignorance is always swift to speak
245. Joy peace kindness goodness faithfulness self-control
246. Love Joy Peace Goodness Faithfulness Self control
247. Notice Adjust Listen Relationships Effort Spirit = Change
248. God will see all that is done
249. Some people are happy in hell
250. Knowledge is beyond our own capacity
251. Gifts are good they change present
252. The most beautiful is the truth
253. Change the future through the present
254. Follow the truth it’s the only way
255. Beautiful things will be well protected
256. Shy away from God still stays
257. A little faith never hurt anyone
258. In the end the devil looses
259. Parents are always cleaning your mess
260. There are wolves in sheep’s cloths
261. In building truth to ring thunderous
262. Food for thought will enlighten you
263. Cannot change past but can future
264. You pay for what you are
265. Time put in results come out
266. Taking advantage of taken for granted
267. Love is priceless money is not
268. You will live what you learn
269. Live with benevolence walk with graciousness
270. Imagination is more important than knowledge
271. Truth lives forever lies never sustain
272. Listen to yourself usually its right
273. Life’s dance floor gods the Conductor
274. Life is music enjoy the harmony
275. Wear a pen you will forget
276. Pain is simply realization of life
277. We are all just used goods
278. Live to love love to live
279. You will get what’s put in
280. Pain will be life’s fresh bread
281. Sin and you shall not win
282. Its either angelic or its evil
283. Nice people will always finish last
284. Sides of stories right wrong Truth
285. Growing up is relational individual institutional
286. Let your heart control your emotions
287. Life is perfect just organize it
288. What is power without any control
289. Just be happy carry a smile
290. What will be making you happy
291. Just be nice and stay positive
292. In gods plan life is perfect
293. You get it got it good
294. Living to die dieing to live
295. I will make it or die
296. Faith is a gift from god
297. From the senses through the senses
298. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance
299. Find the god inside your mind
300. See me hurt feel my pain
301. You hurt yourself through an illusion
302. Feels like I been here before
303. Show me what you have inside
304. How much will you be thankful?
305. Use god for your good advantage
306. Do you know what I'm mean
307. Don’t tell me show me love
308. 101st priority will be your last
309. Smell on outside dirty on inside
310. Mind creates you mind destroys you
311. Life taken for granted by no-good-nicks
312. Lifting spirits high to see clearly
313. Grass isn’t greener on other side
314. Don’t work harder just be wiser
315. Go somewhere away from this hell
316. Television will change you in ways
317. Devils angels will be gone soon
318. Behave you will get what’s yours
319. Mind is terrible thing to loose
320. I have loved lost and learned
321. Sex will change thoughts behaviors emotions
322. Promise to be true to yourself
323. Life is cubed its 4 dimensional
324. Don’t let them get you down
325. Cut bonds of desire be free
326. Pleasure is outside joy is inside
327. This is the doorway to heaven
328. What’s going on inside me now
329. Now is all that you have
330. Be aware most people are robots
331. Be aware most people are sightless
332. Suffering is temporary peace is eternal
333. Learn from past look towards future
334. regrets are useless learn and live
335. Clairvoyance is key to seeing clearly
336. People will be different distinguishable separable
337. Children will want connection recognition power
338. Threw him in him with him
339. Devil is laughing were all passing
340. Even the evil works for good
341. Judgment is coming you can’t hide
342. Difference between us is the truth
343. Basic instincts paradoxes search for life
344. Bodies at rest always in motion
345. Face of anger is learned reactions
346. I see myself actual ideal dreaded
347. We are living in dark ages
348. Save a lie tell a truth ***
349. Life’s like finesse smooth and sweet
350. Truths can hurt lies can destroy
351. With greatest pain comes greatest glory
352. And above all never give up
353. Be aware of your own awareness’s’
354. This will be heard all over
355. Save yourself from your own self
356. Be careful for what you desire
357. Not my job its my will
358. Forfeit the game before your shamed
359. Through this clothing I will move
360. This was all said by “aMAN”
361. Life is short learn to forgive
362. The law of the jungle applies
363. Once in a life time chance
364. Love will be acceptance and truth
365. Destiny we meet fate we depart
366. Maturity is age wisdom is experience
367. Opportunity knocks rarely regret lives forever
368. Keep it real just be yourself
369. God gives access to the darkness
370. Rocks are born stars are made
371. Expect everything be ready for anything
372. Idle hands will create evil ones
373. Build your presence live life fully
374. Self governing are emotional values behavioral
375. Conquer your fears conquer yourselves self
376. Hate will destroy love will revitalize
377. Be present in thoughts emotions reactions
378. Live by hate die by hate
379. Natural human instinct will be lazy
380. Patterns thoughts emotions behaviors reactions desires
381. Identities of sorts but distorts now-EGO {GUCCI, LOUIS VITTAN, MERCEDES, Exclusivity}
382. Either you’re peaceful or you’re deceitful
383. I’m a knight that shines light
384. People will bring down be strong
385. Everyone is their own unique god
386. Our time is small but powerful
387. What time is it right now
388. A sinners mind is their chamber
389. An angelic mind is a blessing
390. Dominance will be superiority over kind
391. Admiration is gained respect is earned
392. Forget about praise it’s about sacrifice
393. Your life will be echoed eternally
394. Behavior is a result of your subconscious
395. God gives wisdom humans create reality
396. Hearts and homes are warm love
397. In the last days live Holy
398. Humans are peaceful Evil is outlived
399. God is love love is god
400. People will get what’s inherit them
401. Forgive others forget past live now
402. Everything that becomes visible is light
403. Feelings are felt thoughts are thought
404. We are meant to live more
405. Youth maintained through active positive participation (FIEE)
406. Find the priceless jewel inside you
407. Love is what love will do
408. Through time you will cherish essence
409. Capitalism will not support your soul
410. You will be sacrificed for goodness
411. Everyone has a degree of darkness
412. Killing your self has become a fad
413. Evil will always lie cheat steal
414. Middle class is heart of America
415. True love is eternal never dieing
416. Lust is something only short lived
417. Meaning of life there’s just one?
418. Without your faith its just existence
419. America wants to live out evil
420. Living in temptation living in hell
421. You are never past your time
422. Find the lie reveal the truth
423. Manipulation power control is running rampant
424. Seek perfect life pursuit of righteousness
425. Joy of intimacy is rewarded commitment
426. Unconditional commitment is joy of intimacy
427. Pleasure & intimacy are unconditional commitments
428. Temptation is intimidation that’s loosing control
429. To be normal is something extra ordinary
430. Drugs relationships love a volatile combination
431. Your eyes are my blind world
432. Love will love when tables turn
433. Make people stronger not any weaker
434. Attitudes are contagious so redefine yours
435. Know that love always follows you
436. Eyes are watching all the time
437. Promise of salvation not an illusion
438. There is no salvation in time
439. So you CAN be free now
440. Create a problem you create pain’
441. Conscience dream is matter form separation
442. Everything is honored nothing will matter
443. Nothing real will ever be threatened
444. Nothing but illusion calamity after another
445. Nothing solid but virtue and prospects
446. Maintain passion when things go wrong
447. God never forgets he is perfect
448. Tastes good maybe not so good
449. Materialistic possessions are replaceable wisdom's not
450. Nothing motivates like clear purpose
451. Stupidity is only realized after fact
452. Life is never a straight arrow
453. Humans are unique conformity is abnormality
454. Happiness will come from with in
455. See my pain feel my beauty
456. Competition it is just what life is
457. I will feed off your love
458. Life is perfect life is engineered
459. People will do anything to survive
460. Live outside yourself you find yourself
461. Exercise your angels learn from evils
462. Feeling uplifted will make you feel gifted
463. Stretch your boundaries it feels good
464. Love KARMA freedom will always exist
465. Individuals are creators of peace
466. I’m not mean you’re thinking demeanor
467. Proportional is beautiful balance is natural
468. Heavens like merchants looking for pearls
469. Fall into good soil and grow
470. Let weeds grow cut them later
471. Be good seed grow for eternity
472. Beware of weeping gnashing of teeth
473. Do not curse father and mother
474. Sacrifice yourself by helping parents
475. Murder adultery sexual-immortality theft falseness slander
476. Cannot interpret signs for I can
477. Be on guard for false teaching
478. Satan get back your tripping me
479. Gain the world forfeit your soul
480. Why on earth am I here
481. Separation is natural stir it up
482. Don’t ever put the fire out
483. Divine fire will burn all impurities
484. Convert evil omen to holy Amen
485. Goes from Omen to the Amen
486. At home find comfort and rest
487. Journey of thousand starts with one
488. Great things take time to build
489. Tell the Truth accept the results
490. It is possible to regulate desire
491. Queens will always have one king
492. Kings will always have one queen
493. I see the smile in you
494. Don’t know cause they never seen
495. We fight clean so should you
496. True queens are loyal to one
497. Nurture Everything Everywhere But the Devil
498. Important law matters justice mercy faithfulness
499. Top of the line that’s you
500. Live by guns die by guns
501. Sheep on right goats on left
502. Wherever there’s carcass vultures will gather
503. The truth is coming to you-
504. Watch the abomination that causes desolation
505. Faith of seeds moves entire mountains
506. Son will be exempt from taxes
507. Humble yourself children go to heaven
508. Many are invited few are chosen
509. Be aware of capstone it completes
510. Maturity produced by relationships and communion
511. When one falls another will help
512. By his purpose for his purpose
513. Without god life makes no sense
514. You are in Gods all the time
515. Custom made to be custom paid
516. Love thy fellowship of thy trinity
517. You will see but never perceive
518. Everyone shall bear the masters seal
519. To guide to control to direct
520. Don’t allow past to control future
521. Your guilt disconnects you with god
522. We are products of our past
523. A new teaching and with authority
524. I am willing to be clean
525. You may see and might perceive
526. You may hear but never understand
527. Worries desires deceitfulness ruins this world
528. Hear the word produce infinite crops
529. Whatever is hidden must stay disclosed
530. Whatever is concealed must be revealed
531. You’ve come a long way baby
532. I’m giving you something to eat
533. The truth is a learned behavior
534. Trough my son with great power
535. Let harvest grow then cut crops
536. God is watching be good people
537. I will become illuminated through you
538. Find the Miraculous pearl inside you
539. Find the priceless jewel inside you
540. Paradigms are programs ways you see
541. No order without having deliberate choice
542. Have desire to control power desire
543. Be careful your hearts will hurt
544. Pray so you can avoid following temptation
545. This is God speaking directly to you
546. Tear yourself apart build yourself together
547. Evil spirits take time to leave
548. Sin kills your ability to love
549. Eyes be good body be good
550. Violence doesn’t love in any language
551. Spirit will give birth to spirit
552. Flesh gives birth to flesh and…
553. Men love darkness because evil deeds
554. Live by faith come towards light
555. Don’t follow Jesus see the darkness
556. Worship in spirit and in faith
557. Trust God, serve unanswering, Love Extravagantly
558. Paradigms are helping or hindering you
559. Paradigm shift see things in new ways
560. Live life with principles in mind
561. Respect, gratitude, moderation, fairness, integrity, loyalty, responsibility (Principles)
562. (Hard work) will be a principle… {do all 7 like this}
563. Takes faith to live by principles
564. Impossible to break FIEE law
565. Brace yourself for one supreme effort
567. When one sows another will reap
568. Profit has no honor in country
569. Make a move before the promise
570. Sin kills your ability to live see
571. Make a promise and keep it
572. Get focused --> outward not inward
573. Be first rate version of yourself
574. Learn to love yourself above all
575. Take time to renew and relax
576. Strength of ten because pure heart
577. Think before you create action
578. See as starting point not setback
579. Positive attitudes are singular huge differences
580. Tools are conscience, imagination, will-power
581. Jesus is the author of life awareness
582. Repent so sins can be wiped
583. Must obey god not any man
584. Brothers & sisters don’t hurt anyone
585. Walk which way depends on where
586. Control your destiny or someone will
587. Heard doesn’t know where its going
588. Religion, education, success, productivity, exercise, caring, truthful, (R.E.S.P.E.C.T.)
589. Basic life motivator jealousy and envy
590. Man without purpose jet plane w/o engine
591. Greatest tragedy is life without purpose
592. Hope comes from having a purpose
593. Never confuse activity with some productivity
594. Purpose will always produce a passion
595. Life is battle win this battle (spiritual battle)
596. Your real citizenship is in heaven
597. You will learn God is ultimate
598. We owe him every honor possible
599. Have warm tender attitudes towards one another
600. Worship is first of our responsibilities
601. Worship motivated by love, thanksgiving, delight
602. Bring god glory become like Christ
603. You were planned for Gods pleasure
604. No one’s too tough for God
605. Heart of matter is matter of heart
606. No effort without error or shortcoming
607. Save time see it my way
608. Faithful in little faithful in much
609. Integrity of faith promises are holy
610. Determine your master serve him only
611. Focus your life know your heart
612. I am here to raise unconscious
613. Exercise your soul change your attitude
614. Awareness of reality and God presence
615. Surrender to God feel his presence
616. Don’t surrender Christ surrender to chaos
617. I am a slave of Christ
618. Use one breath prayers all day
619. Genuine friendship is built on disclosure
620. We must obey out of love
621. Great opportunities arrive once a lifetime
622. Problems not punishment rather wake-up calls
623. Love is the secret to life
624. What lasts forever, hope, love faith
625. Build a fellowship to understand someone
626. Authenticity, mutility, sympathy, humility, confidentiality, frequency, mercy, courtesy, {formulation for group chemistry}
627. Gentle responsiveness will diffuse sharp tongues (cussing rudeness)
628. Personalities, preferences, interpretations, styles, methods, equals= division
629. Be united in thought and purpose
630. Devils job to blame, criticize, complain
631. Listening to gossip receiving stolen property
632. Even Jesus couldn’t make everyone happy!
633. Become godly take on values, attitude, and character.
634. Secret of endurance, pain is temporary
635. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional
636. Pain is temporary suffering is inevitable.
637. When body hurts the spirit flutters
638. How will your star shine today
639. Change is now now is change
640. Every action creates proactively or reactivity
641. What is power without any peace.
642. Drugs, alcohol, sin makes you blind
643. Feast like there is no tomorrow
644. Truth brings conflict...willingness brings change
645. I’m a dreamer of many dreams
646. Your own ghost keeps beating you
647. Negative judgment is a negative self-realization
648. What is scenery without any solace?
649. No random acts were all connected
650. Intellect is a magnitude of intensity
651. Mind and arrow must become one
652. Intensity gives eminence in matters sublime
653. Doubts and hesitations infect your executions
654. Timidity is dangerous…enter with boldness
655. Hesitation builds obstacles boldness eliminates them.
656. Even a good King can bleed
657. When you visualize then you materialize
658. Imaginations are previews of things coming
659. Whatever the mind conceives it achieves
660. When you have inspired thoughts trust them
661. Good wealth good health good nature
662. Man becomes what he thinks about
663. Energy flows where attention goes
664. Everything in this universe is energy
665. Follow your bliss doors will open
666. Those that fearless will be great
667. Train like champion become a champion
668. Only souls evolve machines do not
669. Such is life… lived in sin
670. I am positively overcoming your negativity
671. What goes down must come up
672. In desperation there will be motivation
673. Stand for nothing fall for anything
674. Commit and respect time to process
675. Commit to faithful who can teach
676. Character will determine your
677. Sin makes you numb and number
678. Generosity is air that grows grace
679. Love, gratitude, joy, passion, excitement, enthusiasm, hope satisfaction= LOVE living forwards
680. Boredom, irritation, disappoint, worry, criticism, anger, hate, envy, guilt, despair=NEGATIVITY Evil a life lived backwards not forwards
681. Love like you never loved before
682. Spread the love... make it reign
683. Miracles and possibilities... are the same.
684. Jesus is a warrior of truth
685. Focus your mind renew the spirit
686. Forever free we are with FIEE
687. Awaken your true spirit it's eternal
688. Corporate identities will degrade your spirit
689. Prayers go up blessings come down
690. First you visualize then you materialize
691. Follow me I make you dominate
692. Through him with great power…?
693. You can live but never grow
694. Our memories will become our spirit
695. Jesus is a warrior of truth
696. Purpose will come from having hope
697. Awaken your true spirit its eternal
698. Jesus was born pure of light
699. Violence will breed only more violence
700. Obedience will breed only more obedience
701. Hope comes from having a purpose
702. Live to spread love and FIEE
703. Always live to always ILLUMINATE YOURSELF!!!!
704 Separation creates clarity...bringing life definition
705. In due season... we shall reap
706. Every season creates...many different opportunities
707. Move through seasons...not by seasons
708. Build relationship on...Faith not feelings
709. No lack that will hold you back
710. Say something positive eliminate the negative
711. Saving faith creates sacrificial service
712. Saving faith transforms hearts and minds
713. Men of god become godly men
714. You are your own shining star
715. Vision will help with follow through
716. Vision will help you rise above
717. Re-ignite your tendency to Illuminate vision.
718. Plant sow reap expand your borders
719. By his grace we will see
720. Potential, BIG-PICTURE, Vision, Patience-in-spirit, Faith, Commitment
721. Short-term vision creates sense of urgency
722. Small setbacks are big future setups
723. When you fall big vision motivates
724 Cultivate a vision of full potential
725. With no vision our spirituality perishes
726. One new choice can change lives
727. Gossip only hurts the gossiper
728. Stretch your angel wings be noble
729.Your more important thank you think
730. We need you he needs you
731. Be a part of the ecclasia
732. Elevation of self leads to destruction (pride)
733. Good News will positively sustain you
734. Get on the winning side team
735. Good news will find good People
736. A new level a new challenge
737. Respect your creator he made you!
738. You are nothing until your something
739. You will become thoughts actions words
740. Negative people are lost in mediocrity
741. Believe in what you really BELIEVE

742. Soul; think feel. . . emotions, will, minds

743. The three cornerstones. . . Empowerment responsibilty freedoms

744. Focus is not. . . Effort but surrender

745. Faith and Fear. . . doesnt survive together

746. Codependence filters out and denies truth

747. You are precious youre gods child

748. Worries of life. . . will choke truth

749. Codependecy is counterfit., . . form of love

750. Eros philia agape. . . all human requirements

751. No action is . . . a good action

752. Holy spirit is. . . necessary for recovery.

753. Genetics can keep, , , you in addiction

754. I didnt say. . . a peacful life.

755. Shame doesn't measure. . . up to standard

756. Perfect LOVE casts'. . . out all FEAR.

757. Hate SHAME with. . . all your HEART.

758. Word of GOD. . . JUDGES your HEART

759. Perpetrator is a. . . hurt VICTIM hurting.

760. Genetics can KEEP. . . your addiction ALIVE.

761. I didn't say. . . a peaceful life.

762. SHAME doesn't measure. . . up to Standard.

763. Obedience draws blessings. . .disobedience inflicts curses.

764. Need Principles for. . . Gods grace work.

765. Fear HIM he. . . will GIVE everything.

766. Remain in Heaven. . . Remain in TRUTH

767. Recovery remains redemption. . . Awareness first step

768. Reveal, heal, deal. . .feel gods love.

769. Sand paper people. . .Help you grow

770. Pause, pray, ponder. . .plan on profiting

771. More you surrender. . . more you heal.

772. Power of resurection. . .brings you life.

773. Codependency is counterfit. . . form of love.

774. Lacking our standards. . . shame is produce.

775. Shame doesnt measure. . . up to standards

776. Jesus is gods. . . good human consultant.

777. Spirituality is how. . .much I love.

778. Faith in faith. . . actions prove belief

779. Be able to. . .receive gods love.

780. To live we. . . need gods grace.

781. Obedience draws blessings. . . disobedience draws curses.

782, We are gods. . . Precious master pieces.

783. Bible knowledge instructions. . . before leaving earth.

784. Created women for. . . mans good companionship.

785. Grace is gift. . . love forgiveness peace.

786., Lazer focused healing. . . is for everyone.

787. Spiritual beings having. . .holy human experiences.

788. Satan is the. . . Anchor of sabatoge

789. Addicts have been. . . captured by Satan.

790. We cannot downplay. . . affects of lies.

791. Affects will be. . . What I project.

792. Freedom will break. . . bondage's evil desires.

793. Freedom's a choice. . .to reveal rightousness.

794. Freedom will bring. . . willingness humility honesty.

795. Freedom is choice. . . to reveal rightousness.

796. Empowerment responsibilty freedom. . .determines life's qualities.

797. Strongholds keep you. . . from growing fore-ward.

798. Reveal feel deal. . .heal being peace.

799. Emotions follow suit. . . of the belief

800. Inability to trust. . . heart of problem.

801. God wants first. . . fruits in AM.

802. We won't protect. . . something not loved

803. Your behavior comes. . . from your belief

804. Embrace authentic identity. . . to value god.

805. Freedom of authenticity. . . requires many defences.

806. We are either. . . left or taken.

807. God needs protection. . . establish your principles.

808. Pursue dreams find. . . joy live peacfully.

809. Open boundary systems. . . are broken fences.

810. Lift yourself higher. . . with the truth.

811. Proper use of. . . will is surrender

812. Awareness is. . . process towards change.

813. Rejoice always pray. . . continually give thanks

814. What we believe. . .think feel act.

815. Surrender is lifestyle. . . not an event.

816. Every action is. . . born in thought.

817. Control your mind. . .extinguish evil thought.

818. All gods promises. . . yes and amen.

819. Defeat the lie. . . choose the truth.

820. Replace the lie. . .with the truth.

821. Double minded men. . .listen to both.

822. Set your navigation. . . to the King.

823. Be a servant. . . of gods will.

824. King keeps you. . . in perfect peace.

825. Finding freedom requires. . . being broken down.

826. Body and Blood. . .is hard TRUTH.

827. Cannot cherish sin. . . and LIKE it.

828. Sin will be. . . a false COMFORTER.

829. We need to. . . expose our sin.

830. Temptation outta control. . .shall be superpressed.

831. Choosing a life. . .make you thrive.

832. He gives us. . . living eternal water.

833. In truth RECOVERY. . . can be painful.

834. By Nature we. . . want short Cuts.

835. Two sides of. . . recovery spiritual practical.

836. Right standing men. . . will agree w/god.

837. In Christ is. . . where were' VICTORIOUS.

838. Who are humbled. . . who are Exalted.

839. Life is all. . . about YOUR priorities.

840. We must ELIMINATE. . .our prideful tendencies.

841. Allow great teacher. . . to teach us!

842. God seeks us. . . to build VISION.

843. Recovery will be. . . a separation process.

844. Richest are poorest. . . Poorest are Richest.

845. To be rich. . . is be poor.

846. Less wealth and. . . it brings health.

847. Why you ask. . . Look at connections.

848. Live forwards you. . . defeat the Devil.

849. Live Backwards and. . . evil will LIVE.

850. Live forwards you. . . find your SELF.

851. Live backwards you. . . will loose YOURSELF.

852. Live forwards you. . . work for YOURSELF.

853. LIVE backwards you. . .work for others.

854. Happiness is found. . .working for oneself.

855. Cannot find happiness. . . working wrong direction.

856. I make things. . . CRYSTAL, REAL, CLEAR

857. Fornicating Under the. . . Consent of King.

858. Anything given to. . . you forms above.

859. Cannot know priorities. . . working for others.

860. You have consent. . . working WITH King.

861. You are denied. . . consent working against.

862. Knowledge is found. . . working with King.

863. Happiness is found. . . working for King.

864. Without the King. . . you are NO-THING.

865. The devil is. . . a slave King.

866. The devil is. . . slave to King.

867. King is King. . . there's only ONE.

868. Cannot have one. . . without the other.

869. Thank you for. . .enjoying my experiments.

870. Today we learn...tomorrow we lead.

871. Find your frequency... Illuminate your path.

872. Not the skill but the will.

To learn the real truth you must first unlearn the lies.

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